Outdoor Culinary Adventures

San Onofre, California.
Hobo Casserole in the making!
All you do is mix a smorgosboard of veges, coconut oil, sea salt seasoning, maybe some Tamari soy sauce, fresh herbs of choice, fresh garlic, a little lemon, and wrap!! A couple layers of foil and throw it in the bonfire -- and voila! Instant beach bonfire goodness :)

Now for the Wild Ahi, or fish of choice. This handy grate made it ever-so-easy to cook those filets to just the right temperature -- not wanting to overcook of course. Getting just the right sear on both sides :)

Now just throw your protein on top of your roasted veges, and you have a perfect beachside meal with good friends :)

Next Up: Joshua Tree, California.

Photographer Sam Wells shows me a better way to butterfly this Chicken!

Desert Camping in California is serene and beautiful.

Campfire Quinoa: raisins, olive oil, lemon, and salt. Easy and delicious.

Asparagus stuffed Chicken, Roasted Tomatoes, and Raisin Quinoa. A pretty simple gourmet way to camp :)

Don't forget the cinnamon spiced Hot Chocolate!

With a little extra kick from red hot peppers, extra cinnamon, and mint leaves. This is the water for the hot chocolate.

Time for a little mountain romance....

Grass-Fed Beef and Vegetable Stew. A hearty creekside dish to warm the bones as well as the heart ;)

How can you have a picnic without a lovely board of raw cheese, wild smoked salmon, greens, fruit, and olives?

Use that spinach to wrap it up :)

With a little inspiration from time spent in eastern Europe, this red pepper and eggplant tapenade-style puree called "Ajvar" is simply mouthwatering. Thanks to my Croatian friends for this favorite spread.

Cheers to a lovely day in nature together: fresh air, sunlight, the smell of grass, the sound of trickling water - to love, with a little red wine to round it off.

One of the most beautiful lakes I've ever encountered: Bishop Lake, California

A friends' Airstream: these suckers really are cool :)

Caitlin making her individual "casserole".

It's Hobo Casserole time!

Hobo Casserole all fired up!

These adventures were for the pure sake of combining all of my passions in one: the great outdoors, great friends, and great food. This is it’s own art, and full of joy.

Most of these projects were in collaboration with food photographer: http://www.slowdowncookmore.com

All Recipes by Shonna Steppe. Culinary Nutritionist

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