Spa Style Bridal Shower

Smoothie Bar.

Yoga Spa Bridal Shower :)

Cucumbers for the Eyes ;)

Chocolate Strawberry Hazelnut Crepes

Handmade Almond Rosemary Crackers (gluten-free). Sun-dried Tomato Goat Cheese.

Artichoke Spinach Frittata. Raw Cheddar.

The Menu.

This Bridal Shower was designed by the amazing Donna Hadley, who gave me the fabulous opportunity to provide a Spa-style Menu for these beautiful ladies. Photos are courtesy of the talented Monika Bliss Morris. Here are just a few of their generous comments about the food:

“What a fabulous way to eat healthy gourmet food – best frittata I’ve ever had.” – Anette

“Absolutely delicious. Loved the rosemary crackers and sun-dried topping; the frittata delicious and tofu scramble burritos fabulous!” – Merrilee

“The food was fabulous. Having been vegan and a practicing vegetarian, you put together a healthy meal that didn’t sacrifice flavor. The tofu scramble – to die for! Thank you so much!” – Tess

“I came to the bridal shower expecting not to be able to eat much (gluten allergies) and Shonna had plenty of options for me, and they were delicious! Looking forward to her recipe book.” – Caitlin

“The food was amazing. The spinach artichoke frittata was full of flavor, delicious! I would have you cater any of my events!” – Natalie

“The artichoke frittata had the perfect blend of flavor and texture” – Sevant

“The food was simple, yet so tasteful. The presentation was beautiful and artistic. The smoothie bar was so much fun and the ingredients perfect. I loved how everything tasted wholesome and healthy. Wonderful experience.” – anonymous

“Everything was delightful! Unexpected combinations of flavors and textures made for a taste experience that is as gourmet as it is satisfying. A-mazing.” – anonymous

“The tofu scramble with peanut sauce was my favorite! So yummy. And I liked that the tortillas weren’t white flour. Everything was very, very good.” – anonymous

“Quality, flavorful, vegetarian food. Definitely not the typical, bland, boring catered food. Thanks for the inspiration!” – anonymous

“The presentation and the flavor is difficult to pass up! Eating this food is a glorious and sensual experience. Thank you Shonna! You’re a rock star!” – Ellen

“I need the recipe for the pineapple coconut muffins! They were amazing!” – Vanessa

“The granola was amazing – a perfect topping for my smoothie.” – Margie

“The food was fantastic! Everything was so fresh and healthy!” – Kimberly

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