Vanilla Blueberry Cheesecake (raw/vegan/gluten-free. recipe courtesy of

Chocolate Pecan Crisp with Maple Whipped Coconut Cream

Coconut Avocado Ice Cream

Raw Almond Joy

The Fruit Tart

100% Natural Ice Cream Sandwich. Ice Cream: Hemp Milk, Unsweetened Cocoa, Mixed Nuts, Dates, Peanut Butter, Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean. Cookies: Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, Palm Sugar, and Earth Balance butter base.

Fruit Plate

Frozen Banana Cocoa Chips

Pumpkin Gingersnap Pies

Vanilla Blueberry Cheesecake (raw/vegan/gluten-free. recipe courtesy of

Himalayan Salted Maple Chai Ice Cream

Cocoa Lavender Raw Ice Cream / Toasted Cacao Nibs

Handmade Almond Joys (unrefined) / Mexican Papaya

Raw Vanilla Ice Cream w Caramel and Chocolate Almond Brittle (unrefined)

Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies (GF)

Lemon Curd Crepes w Lavender Whipped Cream

Strawberry Cashew Cheesecake

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