Goodmorning Sunshine! :)

Fizzy Pineapple Mango Smoothie,
Sprouted Wheat Bagel with Flax Seed Oil, Spinach, Banana, Strawberry

Berry Anti-Oxidated

Marinated Vege Omelette

Raspberry Chocolate Chia Granola Cups

It's all about Kodiak Cakes :) Look for the brown box at your local grocer, or health food store.

Eggs, Spinach, Onion, Raw Cheese, JalapeƱo Salsa

Egg Spinach Scramble

Nuts 'n Fruits Breakfast Bars

Basil | Kale | Figs | Grapes | Peaches | Strawberries :)

Sprouted Tofu Scramble on Whole Grain Toast with Flax Seed Oil

Watermelon Juice

Greek Yogurt Vanilla Maple Berry Cups

Overnight Marinated Portabello | Zucchini | Pan-Seared Tomato | Roasted Garlic | Pasture Raised Eggs
Avocado | Little Kiwi

  • Type Breakfast

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